Bash Shell Scripting

Linux Advanced Bash Shell Scripting

If you are looking for Shell Script training course, you have come to the best place possible. Our trainer will show you shell scripts that you will need in your office for everyday work. The course is run fully hands on and we guarantee your learning.

Learning the bash shell scripting is very easy, provided you have the right tutor!

This bash shell script programming course shows simple use cases to cover simple to advanced shell scripting concepts. Those first timers will find this bash shell scripting training very enjoyable and will leave confidently writing their own scripts.


  • Basic Shell constructs

  • Loops and how to use them

  • Using File I/O

  • Reading user inputs

  • How to write secure scripts

  • How to quickly automate everyday tasks

Who is this course for?

This course is for engineers looking to learn Linux Bash Shell Scripting hands on.

How do you benefit?

You get to learn from a 20 years experienced trainer, who has been a Unix system administrator and has written hundreds of scripts. You also get to take away 25+ scripts that you can use in your office. This course is fully 'learn by doing'.

Course Audience:

Linux engineers or students looking at automating tasks. The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.


All participants:

  • Should know basic linux commands

  • Atleast 1 year experience with any flavor of Linux/Unix.

  • Prior experience in any programming language will be helpful.

Course Code
182: Basic & Advanced Shell Scripting (Recommended)
Course Duration
2 Days
Course Fee
182 - $597
Course Code
182F: Basic Shell Scripting (Fast Track)
Course Duration
1 Day
Course Fee
182F - $350
Course Code
182L: Basic Linux Commands & Basic Shell Scripting
Course Duration
2 Days
Course Fee
182L - $697
Course Code
182LS: Linux Commands + Basic & Advanced Shell Scripting (Value Bundle)
Course Duration
3 Days
Course Fee
182LS - $897
Delivery Mode
Classroom And Online
Learning Style
  • Hands On
  • Covers all aspects of Shell Scripting
  • Beginner friendly
  • Take home 25+ Useful Scripts

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