Computer Building & Repair Course

Learn to Build, Repair, Assemble, Troubleshoot Your Laptop / PC Computer

Did you ever wish that you build your own computer with custom configuration? Or you troubleshoot, debug and repair your own Laptop / PC issues?

Now is YOUR chance.

This course explains and makes you a PRO in computer hardware and assemby and troubleshooting. It is painful to go to SimLim everytime you have a problem and depend on the shop keeper for their knowledge and they are quite expensive to repair.

Why not learn how to DIY (do it yourself) and save a ton of money in the long run and be in control?

Here is what you will learn:

a) Understand computer hardware parts

b) Understand compatibility between them, what works with what and what doesn't

c) How to buy the right parts?

d) What should you look for when you design your computer, based on your usage?

e) Common mistakes to avoid when buying parts

f) How to upgrade your existing parts for any computer hardware type (MAC, Intel, AMD etc)

g) How to open any Laptop?

h) What parts you should not DIY?

i) How a gaming computer is different from a programming computer?

Delivery Mode
Learning Style
Classroom setting - Face to face
Small group classroom < 3 pax
Course Fee
  • Hands On DIY
  • Get your own hardware kit
Course Duration
1 Day (10am to 6.30pm)
Course Code

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone who uses a computer. If you use a laptop or PC, you will face issues and you may need to upgrade hardware.

If you are looking to understand quickly; this no fluff, to the point course delivers it all about computer hardware. Building your own computer or troubleshooting / fixing a computer hardware issue or looking to repair your Laptop / PC, this PC building workshop delivers it all.

Designing your own computer is absolute fun! Be sure to take lots of notes during the course. Come fully charged and let us 'unload' all the knowledge onto you, so you are in control and independent!

Join NOW and upskill yourself in one day.

After you learn 'hardware' in this course, next you join us for another 1 day course to take control of all software and solve software based issues on your PC.

Whether you are 12 yrs old or 60, you will learn because the trainer is an expert teacher and we run a small class, below 4pax. This course does not cover chip level repair like soldering etc, since that's not needed unless your motherboard is faulty.

The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.

How do you benefit?

  • You can contact the trainers, after the course to get your doubts solved. Your learning is guaranteed with us.

  • You get a solid understanding of every step that goes into building your computer and upgrading or repairing hardware issues.

  • Our target is you can manage all upgrades and assembling your computer pc on your own in the future.

  • The trainer sits next to you and shows you how to connect various parts as he explains step by step. So if you are stuck there is someone right next to you to solve it!

  • Each participant gets their own hardware kit to take home after class.

  • We only run < 3 pax in a class.


All participants:

  • Should have some familiarity to use a laptop and basic Windows

  • Understand English (course is conducted only in english)