Student's First-Hand Experience with Kore Infotech

  • Yukti is a Purdue University Student pursuing a Computer Engineering Degree. She has learned Advanced C & C++ with us to prepare for her upcoming projects at Uni.
  • Mayank - Dotnet C# .Net ASP Framework 3.5 WPA WCF WWF Student from Indian University studied dotnet and C++ programming with Kore Infotech Training Centre as a precursor to Game Programming.
  • Ashvin completed his NS recently and wanted to learn programming to prepare for his University.
  • Pranav is a 14 yr old student who learnt C, C++ with us and is proceeding to learn Linux. Pranav is extremely sharp for his age and with his huge curiosity gulps down immense amount of data and knowledge. It is a pleasure having him with us.

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Oracle Training

The Oracle Training was a eye-opener. With so many in class examples, it was as if someone is teaching me one to one. - Tommy (Phillipines)

Mr Sriram showed us the depth of Oracle and PLSQL. This was a satisfying journey. I have already signed up for OCP Certification preparation, I am sure with Mr. Sriram's guidance I will pass in first attempt. - Jayraj (India)

After I attended this course all the confusion I had about database structures and pl/sql was clarified. I am so confident of the concepts now. Thanks to Kore, they didn't care even if the class overrun the time. They really live to their promise. I will surely come back for another course. - Preston Zhu (Singapore)

Unix / Linux Training

I never imagined Unix would be so much fun. Vow! Raj didn't stop talking about ways to hack. It was the most interesting training I ever attended. - Jimmy (China)

The Unix trainer was very knowledegeable, for his experience, the training was cheap. Its unbelievable, Kore Infotech can deliver such quality in this price. - Chii roe (Singapore)

The Unix class was amazing. The trainer made such a difficult subject so much fun. I would go again to Kore for my future training. - Pauline Tong (Singapore)

The trainer was amazing, he made us so excited with technology that we were waiting for the next class. Every week the energy only increased. This was more of technology class along with Unix. Thank you. - David Libin (Singapore)

I especially liked the friendly environment in class. It was so easy to ask anything, the trainer was always willing to guide. You have a customer for life. I will surely recommend my friends. - Jeffrey (Phillipines)

I loved the no fuss environment, very humble, simple and high standard of training. The trainer was willing to help us with our problems on job, 6 of us asking him to solve our job issues. The guy is very knowledeable. I am waiting for them to start Advanced Unix and I will be the first one to join. - Mustika Sentosa (Singapore)

Shell Scripting Training

The Shell Scripting Training was run in a cool way. We learnt about so many real life scenarios, I have learnt so many techniques. It was a brain massager, this will be certainly helpful on my job. - Ananya (India).

Shell Scripting was very useful. Mr. Raj even helped me with my scripts in office. We analysed complicated scirpts and learnt new techniques. Thank you. - Anoop (Singapore)

Thanks so much Kore to make me a shell scripting expert. Wonder what you guys earn? Such cheap pricing and the training was extended by 12 hours, for us to complete the examples. Vow! Good Job! - Winston (Singapore)

I wish to thank Kore for giving me so much flexibility in my installment payments, it wouldn't have been possible to learn so many courses without that. Now that I have done multiple courses I can say this company has a culture for training. Fabulous work! Thanks - Joseph (Singapore)

Java Training

My Java training with Kore was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the course methodology. We even had Online sessions at my convenience. I haven't seen an institute operating with such flexibility before. Thanks. - David (India).

Well I felt my friend is teaching me. Such flexibility and friendly environment, this is unique. Keep it up! Kore. - Soujanya (India)

Web Design Training Course

I am happy I bought this groupon for web design photoshop course. You guys have a very nice approach. We enjoyed doing our own thing in photoshop.
Cherlyn - (Singapore).

I recently bought a groupon for web design & photoshop dreamweaver course. Liked the small class size and your two trainers for a batch approach. -
Seng Ng (Singapore).

We specially liked building the images in photoshop and later using them in dreamweaver for our website. - R. Ong (Singapore).

It was a lovely experience, very cheap for the price. I specially liked that we could buy the software for so cheap, its half market price. - M. Hui (Singapore)..

C Programming Course

My experience at Kore Infotech was really good. The reason I joined was because my c++ concepts weren't really strong. But after finishing with my classes here, I can definitely say that my programming skills have improved and my confidence level has increased too. The trainers are extremely helpful, and are more like guides, than teachers. The location is an added advantage. I'll definitely be coming back next year for another course at Kore Infotech. - Aakanksha Joshi (India)

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