A Course On Contact Management System CRM & Improving Business Productivity For SME

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Small business SME owners and staff have a constant challenge in today's highly competitive market to work on multiple tasks and work with high productivity to save time and do more with less.
This course has been specially designed with SME owners (with less than 10 staff) or Sales guys and Self Employed with a small team in mind. The training focuses on teaching a free CRM for managing Contact Database & business deal flow cycle to track customers at various stages.

We teach you a FREE CRM in this course, that can be used by small businesses (SME) including very powerful operational features for your team collaboration and at the same time gives excellent insight for management reporting. Its sophisticated features along with its very easy to use interface and a Free for life promise, makes this a compelling offer. It is a cloud based CRM that integrates with Gmail. If your company uses Outlook, this CRM doesn't work with Outlook. You can still use it for CRM purposes and use Outlook for emails.

This course teaches: 

  1. How to use Contact and Customer Management Software
  2. How To Use Gmail & Chrome Browser For Business
  3. Advanced CRM Features like Mail Merge, Task management, Team Collaboration, Team Monitoring, Deal Flow Management etc.
  4. Advanced Gmail features like Scheduling Emails, Using Email Templates

Check out the video below so see this CRM in action to understand how it works. 

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A Course On Customer Contact Management System CRM (Includes FREE CRM Software)

1 Days
(8 Hrs)
Registration & Material Fees of $S 45 Applies.
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Course Content

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Module 1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Gmail Integrated CRM To Manage Your Leads / Customers / Support Tickets / Hiring / Todo
Creating Pipelines For Workflows
Creating Stages For Pipelines
Creating Boxes For Each Customer / Lead / Ticket & Adding Custom Fields
Moving Boxes Between Stages And Pipelines
Exporting & Importing boxes/pipelines to Excel
Managing Multiple Pipelines
Moving Data Between Pipelines
Exporting Selected Data To Excel
Getting A Birds Eye View Of All Sales Deals
How To Collaborate Within The Team Using CRM
A Discussion On Other CRM Tools
Using Gmail Labels Together With CRM Pipelines
Showing A Quick Task List For More Important Tasks
Creating Snippets For Repetitive Emails
Module 2: Gmail For Business
Using Gmail To Organise Your Emails
Configuring Gmail Settings To Become A Power User
Setting Up A Signature
Setting Up Filters
Setting Up Autoresponder
Module 3: Using Chrome Browser To Improve Productivity
Using Bookmarks Effectively
Using Chrome Extensions
Using Chrome Settings To Speed Up Your Work
Configure And Use The Chrome Web browser To Navigate The Web
Module 4: Using Windows Desktop Features
Getting Everything Under Your Control The Windows 7 style
Getting Look And Feel Similar To Windows 7 in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Configuring Settings To Make Your Laptop Run Faster
Configuring Windows To Improve Your Productivity
Module 5: Other Tools To Enhance Productivity
Using Tools To Snap Parts Of Screen Or Record Short Video Clips
Using Google Calendar Effectively To Collaborate


Basic Computer Knowledge

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