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This course takes a closer and more in-depth look at some of Object Oriented Concepts learnt in the basics course. Participants get to further their knowledge by applying these concepts to create responsive web pages which include Rollover course-icon and Interactive Forms to name a few.

Participants are taught advanced principles of User Interaction, Form validation and Event Handling. They learn about the different ways to use JavaScript in the web pages.

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Corporate Training fees is slightly higher due to customized training and small class size.

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Advanced Javascript Programming

1 Day
(8 Hrs)
$ 275 $ 447 Singaporeans Pay
Only $ 50 Nett
After Skills Future Funding
Deduction: $ 275
Registration & Material Fees of $S 50 Applies.

Why Corporate Pricing Is Different Than For Individuals

Course batches for individuals are usually run on weekends and in groups of 4-5 pax per class minimum, hence pricing is cheaper for Individuals. We run batches for Corporate for 1-2 pax too, hence the pricing is slightly higher!

However Company's sending 3-5 pax or more can expect huge discount on above pricing!

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Course Content

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Module 1: Introduction To HTML5 Form Elements
What are the new HTML5 Form Elements
Taking Advantage Of In Built Validation
Making Your Validation Functions More Effective & Efficient
Module 2: Object Oriented JavaScript
What Is An Object?
What Is The Need For Object Oriented JavaScript?
How To Create An Object?
Creating And Defining Object Properties
Creating Functions Associated To Objects
Using JavaScript Objects To Store & Display Information From Your Web Page
Module 3: Cookies In JavaScript
What Is A Cookie?
Creating A Cookie
Checking & Reading Values In The Cookie
Deleting The Cookie
Uses Of Cookies
Module 4: JSON
Understanding A Map Data Structure
Creating JSON Data
Parsing JSON Data Through JavaScript
Displaying JSON Data On Your Web Page
Other Uses Of JSON
Module 5: AJAX
What is AJAX?
How Does AJAX Work?
What Are The Benefits Of Using AJAX?
Sending An AJAX Request
Retrieving An AJAX Response
Reading XML Data Through AJAX Request & Response
Displaying The XML Data On Your Web Page
Other Uses Of AJAX



Good HTML Working Knowledge

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Funding For This Course

Audience For This Course

JavaScript is the defacto tool used to code front end client side scripts to provide simple things like User Interaction, Form Validation and the like.

It is a must for Front end developers, since a large part of their role involves creating fantastic user interaction and validation of different elements to a large scale.

It is also the obvious tool to provide the speed of interaction that can't be expected from a backend programming language or approach.

Training Duration

Full-Time : 10.00am to 6.00pm

Part-Time : Weekdays - 10.00am - 1.00pm (or) 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Part-Time : Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) - 10.00am - 1.00pm (or) 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Training Methodology & Materials

  1. 100% hands-on Practical Job Oriented Training
  2. Well designed exercises/sessions
  3. Discussion on real life situations / problems faced on the job and their solutions
  4. Indepth Project work with each course to enhance learning and give the participant a feel of difficulty, thus ensuring they apply in realtime everything they have learnt.
  5. Task based teaching methodology where students are given tasks to do in class, as required in the real world.
  6. Assessments at the end of the course help gauge student progress and learning.

Certificate Of Attendance

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 85% attendance.

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