Learn How To Build & Sell An Online Course On Udemy (Learn From A Udemy Author)

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This course teaches participants how to build a Udemy Course and how to use the Udemys multi-million dollar platform to sell your course. Our trainer is a Udemy Author himself with published courses on Udemy.Learn from an expert. The course covers all aspects like what Audio / Video equipment to use, Software needed and other aspects to make your course sellable on Udemy.

How Big Is Udemy: Udemy has 11 Million students, hungry for your course and they have collectively purchased 42 Million courses and Udemy courses are sold in 190 countries around the world. These are staggering statistics and a growth platform that you need to be part of.

How Big Is The Opportunity: By contrast Udemy only has 20,000 trainers for all its courses. This means that these 20k instructors are taking away all the money on Udemy. You need to be one of them to collect a part of this huge cash pile.

Join our course and quickly learn how you can build your own course on Udemy and skills required to sell it effectively. We cover the nuts and bolts of building a Udemy course that you can sell online on many platforms and also how to use the Udemy Marketing Muscle to help you sell it.

This course should be your Game Plan to get started in selling online courses. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Relate to the services of Udemy
  • Design an interactive and engaging online learning experience
  • Apply the tools and resources of Udemy
  • Build a course structure and upload learning materials
  • Create discussions and assessments
  • Check course quality
  • Strategize a marketing approach

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Learn How To Build & Sell An Online Course On Udemy

1 Day
(8 Hrs)
$ 397
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Course Content

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Module 1: Getting Ready With The Basics
Introduction & Expectations
What is Udemy?
Instructional Strategy for E-Learning
Take a Course as a Learner
Identify the course you wish to prepare and target audience
Define Demographics For Your Audience
Module 2: Understanding Udemy
What You Like / Dislike As An Instructor
Overview of Udemy Instructor
Understanding of Udemy Platform
Understanding Udemy Course Structure
Build A Course Structure
Create Course Components
Upload Them To Udemy Platform
Module 3: Preparing For Your Course
Adding Course Materials
Creating Quiz / Polls
Module 4: Technology Required To Create Udemy Lectures
How To Choose A Microphone
How To Choose Lighting & Backgrounds
How To Have The Speaker / Scribe In Your Video
How To Create Videos With Maximum Resolution And Minimum Noise
Module 5: Marketing Your Course
Marketing Tools Available On Udemy
Which Marketing Tools To Use
Using Combination Of Marketing Tools
How To Attract A Huge Audience
Planning Your Strategy


Basic knowledge on how to use computers

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