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All corporates should give back to the community. We have lined up the above free seminars to do our part of giving back to the society. This is inline with our efforts to launch courses required by those, who are NOT IT or Computer savvy but may need to use computer applications for their day to day work or once in a while.

We have lined up the above seminars to provide clarity and share knowledge with the community participants on many topics which often people are confused with, due to incorrect marketing methods.

We hope to clarify your confusion and answer your questions in these free seminars and free courses.

Select any of the above free seminar course previews which are 100% free, rest assured you will NOT be sold anything in these seminars and there is no obligation. No forms to sign up, no commitments.

Ofcourse, we have a 10 min segment to introduce you to our services / courses, but this is not for marketing, it is purely to tell you what we do and hope that if you need any of these, you know where to look for.

Do indicate your Availability Preference clearly, so we can slot you in the right batch of participants. Feel free to share this with your friends and invite them to book our free seminars.

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