Career Guidance

We hold FREE career guidance sessions every week. In these sessions we educate the participants about the current job market, what jobs are in demand in today's job market in singapore. We also discuss government policies and how they affect job seekers in the current market.

We also have a segment on common mistakes and wrong assumptions that job seekers make that makes it all the more difficult for them to find a job; especially foreigners. We cover a quick talk on CV writing skills too.

After the session we provide career guidance to each participant based on their back ground and experience about what type of job and industry they should be looking at although the session is mainly for those seeking jobs in the IT sector. These sessions are real eye openers for new and experienced job seekers alike who want to update their knowledge about current job market and job hunting skills.

It is a must to attend these sessions particularly because they are held completely free with no obligations.

However since these are usually full it is best to book your session first. You can book your session by clicking the button below and we will inform you of the next session based on your preference.

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