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Course Description

With growing online businesses many individuals want to take advantage of the millions of consumers purchasing products online and increase their revenue streams. This course teaches you how to quickly setup your e-shop and enable your customers to pay from their credit cards and you accept these payments using PayPal - the worlds online merchant that makes collecting payments easy.

What this course covers:
This course only teaches creating a website from scratch and connecting it with PayPal, so that you have an online shop ready and can sell products. It is for beginners who wish to learn from scratch.
This course is for starters with less than 10 categories and less than 10 products per category. It is not for those with hundreds of products and looking at advanced E-commerce features.

What this course does NOT cover:
This course does not cover any CMS (content management system) nor does it cover any software for e-commerce. We do not teach any e-commerce software required for selling 100 or more products or CMS needed to manage such huge sites.

We cover how to build your shop, add product description, pics, price and how to connect with paypal to accept credit card payments.
If you do not have a website and just want a online shop, this course is sufficient to get you up and ready.


Students are expected to know how to use basic Windows and 'copy paste' data and work with their email on computer to download pictures etc.

For those who do not satisfy the above pre-requisite, will need to first take up our "Basic Computer Skills" course with Internet & Email which is a 1 day course.

Details of this course are here.

Fee Details

Course Code Course Name Duration Course Fees (SGD) SkillsFuture (SGD)

Design Your
E-Commerce Shop To Sell Online

1 Day
(8 Hrs)
$ 275 Singaporeans Pay
Only $ 25 Nett
After Skills Future Funding
Deduction: $ 199
Registration & Material Fees of $S 25 Applies.
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Course Content

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Section 1: Getting Started With E-Commerce
1. Introduction to E-Commerce
2. Understanding what is required for E-Commerce
3. What is a domain name & how to register one
4. What is web hosting & how to get the cheapest one
5. How to connect your domain name and web host
Section 2: Creating Your Website For E-Commerce
6. Learning html basics
7. Creating your web store
8. Adding categories & products to your store
9. Learn to include 3rd party plug-ins into your website
Section 3: Creating & Configuring PayPal Account
10. Understanding PayPal & How To Use It For E-Commerce
11. What type of credit cards does PayPal accept
12. How secure is PayPal
13. Does your buyer need to have a PayPal account to buy from you
14. Creating your PayPal account
15. Configuring your PayPal account
16. Connecting your PayPal account to your local bank account
17. Receiving your money from PayPal
Section 4: Using PayPal To Collect Payment For You Via Credit Cards
18. Creating Buy Buttons In PayPal
19. Creating buttons for different products
20. Creating buttons of different type
Section 5: Integrating PayPal Into Your Website
21. Adding PayPal buttons to your website
22. Allowing customers to buy multiple products using shopping cart
23. Making the checkout process easy for customers
24. Setting up recurring payments
25. Creating invoices and sending them to your customers
Section 6: Security
26. Tips to make your website secure
27. Telling your customers that your site is secure
28. Ensuring safety of the checkout process

Design Responsive Website DIY From Scratch (For IT Savvy) Design Responsive Mobile Website (For Non IT Savvy)
Design Your E-Commerce Shop To Sell Online Learn HTML5
Adobe Photoshop Basics For Beginners Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Javascript Basics For Beginners Advanced Javascript
Learn CSS3 For Advanced Styling

Funding For This Course

Training Methodology & Materials

  1. 100% hands-on Practical Job Oriented Training
  2. Well designed exercises/sessions
  3. Discussion on real life situations / problems faced on the job and their solutions
  4. Task based teaching methodology where students are given tasks to do in class, as required in the real world.
  5. Assessments are live-hands-on conducted while the course is in progress, to gauge the efficiency of student and knowledge learnt on the spot. We do not practice end of course assessments.

Certificate Of Attendance

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 85% attendance.

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