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Learn the hottest programming language! Java runs on more than 3 billion devices from Web Portals to applications everywhere.
Java programmers are in huge demand. Capitalize on this trend by learning the world's most required language "Java" in this fun and easy learning course.
We take the stress out of the programming in the classroom.

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Fun With Java
For The Young

16 Hours $ 550
Registration & Material Fees of $S 35 Applies.

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Module 1: Introduction to Java
Why use Java for Application Development?
Introduction to the Java Programming       Environment (Eclipse IDE)
Setting up the environment on your machine
Module 2: Data Types and Identifiers
Primitive Data Types
Introducing the new boolean data type
Java Naming Conventions for identifiers
Module 3: Variables & Keywords
Introducing Java Keywords
Java Syntax for creating new variables
Assigning values to variables
Module 4: First Java Program & How Java Works
Creating a new Java Program in Eclipse
Using the main method to execute a simple Java       program
Process - From Source Code to Execution
Module 5: Operators
Module 6: Decision Constructs
If, If-else, if-else if - else
Using logical & arithmetic operators with decision       constructs
Module 7: Repetitive Statements
Types of Loops
Syntax & Usage of each loop
Module 8: Strings
Strings Management & Manipulation
Module 9: Arrays & Collections
Creating collections of similar data types
Using arrays to perform operations on similar data       types
Use of ArrayList collection from java.util package
Module 10: Methods
Method Syntax / Structure
Creating / Using Methods in Java
Module 12: Object Oriented Programming
Discussion on Object Oriented Design       Concepts
Creating relationships between 2 or more       entity classes
Module 13: Classes & Objects
What is a Class?
What is an Object?
Class Attributes
Creating Objects / Instance of classes
Module 14: Inheritance
What is Inheritance?
Implementing Inheritance in Java
Module 15: Other Java Language Features
Scanner class from java.util package to get       user input from console
Reading & Writing to Files
Using BufferedReader & BufferedWriter       classes of java.io package


No prior programming knowledge is required

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