Introduction To Computer Coding Using C Programming For Kids Teens

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This course is a hands-on tutorial on C Programming. This training will start with basics in programming, building up introducing the C language and how it handles complicated structures.

This is a hands-on course, participants will spend 75% of their time coding various examples.

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Learn C Programming
Basics For Beginners

5 Days (2 Hrs / Day)
(Total 10 Hrs)
$ 499
Registration & Material Fees of $S 35 Applies.

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Module 1: Introduction to Programming
What is Programming and why do we need it?
What are the different types and categories of programming languages available today?
What is the purpose of C programming in the world today?
Module 2: C Programming Design Fundamentals
How to Divide A Task Into Modules
Writing Pseudo Code For Each Module
Create a Workflow / Process for your Code
Flow Charting for Design
Module 3: Data Types
What is a Data Type?
Storing data in memory
Memory used by primitive data types
Module 4: Identifiers
What is an Identifier?
What is the purpose of an Identifier in C?
Names given to Data Types
Naming Conventions in C
Module 5: Variables
What is a Variable?
Purpose of having place holders in memory
Role of Variables in a program
Assigning values to a variable
Module 6: Keywords
Pre-Defined words in that define the programming language syntax
Where To Find A List of Such Keywords?
Module 7: Operators
Mathematical Operators
Operators for performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Evaluating mathematical expressions using the BODMAS acronym
Module 8: A simple C Program
Setting up the IDE / Environment on your machine
Understanding the different parts of a C Program
Pre-Processor Directives
Compiling the program
Executing the program
Module 9: Decision Constructs
Logical Operators
What are logical operators?
Use of logical operators in C to evaluate conditions or change the behavior of your program
If statement
If.. else statement
Nested If .. else statement
Switch statement
Module 10: Repetitive Statements (Loops)
Types and uses of Repetitive Statements
FOR Loop
Write programs to print patterns by using the for loop
Module 11: Arrays
What is an Array?
How to use an Array in C?
Declaring an Arrays
Storing Values / Elements in an Array
Performing Operations on the Values / Elements stored in the Array
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Arrays
Module 13: Strings
Collection of Characters as a character Array
Manipulating Strings using functions from the String.h library
Module 14: Console I/O
Using functions of the stdio.h library to get user input and display content to screen
printf(), scanf()
File I/O
Use of files in C to store and retrieve data
Introduction to the FILE Pointer
File Modes and their meaning
Read, Write, Append
Using functions from stdio.h library to read and write contents from files
Open File, Close File
Read & Write characters
Read & Write Strings


Basic Computer Knowledge. No Prior Programming Knowledge Is Required

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Certificate Of Attendance

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 85% attendance.

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