Learn C++ Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) For Beginners

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This course is a hands-on tutorial on C++ Programming covering OOPS (object oriented concepts) in depth before proceeding to the syntax of C++. The course will start with basics in OPPs programming concepts, building up introducing the C++ language and how it handles complicated structures.

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Introduction To
C++ Programming
Basics For Beginners

5 Days (2 Hrs / Day)
(Total 10 Hrs)
$ 499
Registration & Material Fees of $S 35 Applies.

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Module 1: Introduction
Why Use the C++ Language?
C vs C++
A Simple C++ Program
Module 2: Primitive Data Types and Operations
New Data Types in C++ (bool, string)
Variables & Constants (Global & Local)
Identifiers & Keywords
Mathematical & Logical Operators
Scope Resolution Operator
Module 3: The Decision & Loop Control Structure
If statement & If.. else statement
Nested If .. else statement
Switch statement
For statement
Do while statement
Nested loops statement
Switch statement & go to statement
Module 4: Functions
Creating a Function
Calling a Function
Passing Parameters by Values
Passing Parameters by References
Overloading Functions
Function Prototypes
Module 5: Arrays
Arrays of Objects
Module 6: Object Oriented Concepts
What is an Object?
Defining Classes for Objects
Relationship Between Objects
Constructors & Destructors
Encapsulation of Object Data
The 'Private' & 'Public' Keywords
'This' Pointer
Module 7: Inheritance
What is Inheritance?
Types of Inheritance
Base Class & Derived Class
The 'Protected' Keyword
Module 8: Exception Handling
What is Exception Handling?
Exception Classes
Exception Handling for Primitive Data Types
Custom Exception Handling
When to Use Exceptions?
Module 9: File I/O
Text I/O
Formatting Output
Updating Files
The 'fstream' library


Basic Knowledge of C Programming.

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